It's already the second week of January; and the year is off to a good start so far. In all my 23 years of living I never set New Year's resolutions, maybe because I thought I wouldn't be able to keep them, however this year that's all going to change. My top three goals for this year all.

- Be more active - swimming, yoga, and walks; I would like to live a more healthy lifestyle.

- Get organized - this is a big problem for me, I'am a disaster. I can never find anything!

- Embraces change - I tend to get content with routine, and have a hard time breaking from it at times it's anxiety inducing, this holds me back a lot of things I want to do.

Some other goals I have that are a bit more fun and interesting are

  • - Learning to knit
  • - Take some art classes and other workshops
  • - Read more books, particularly novels
  • - Sew a dress
  • - Go ziplineing

most importantly I want to be happy not worry to much, and enjoy wants around me, I want to explore as I can in my one backyard as I can. do you guys have anything would like to share? I would like to here them. do you guys have anything would like to share? I would like to here them.


  1. I'm trying to be more active too! It is certainly a bit of a struggle but I feel much better because of it!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment on my blog. Good luck with your New Year's resolutions - getting fit is one of just two I have for this year. 2 weeks in it's getting harder already! Siobhan x

  3. Great resolutions. Best of luck :)

  4. So many plans and ideas! Good luck with everything! x

  5. Same I'm not one for setting goals but I have a lot planned this year and I just want to not worry and be brave instead of hiding away.

    Thanks for your comment too! means a lot!

  6. inspiring! good luck this year! enjoy life!~


  7. Good luck with your goals! ( and Amen to being more active! )